• instrusion_teaser

    Intrusion Detection

    This project assesses the sensitivity of our intrusion detection system to a number of design parameters. These include the resolution of the world-space representation, the number of samples used to represent the distribution of the object’s location, different sensor classes, and sensor placement.
  • outlier_teaser

    Outlier Detection

    Outlier detection has received significant attention in many applications, such as detecting credit card fraud or network intrusions. We propose Attribute Value Frequency (AVF), a fast and scalable outlier detection strategy for categorical data. AVF scales linearly with the number of data points and attributes, and relies on a single data scan.
  • nano_teaser

    Nanoparticle Preparation

    The goal of this project is to produce size selected Au nanoparticles for physical, chemical, and electronic characterization. The hypothesis of this research supports the longstanding theory that this selectivity found in metal nanoparticles is related to their size, shape, and arrangement.
  • mdsim_teaser

    Molecular Dynamic Simulation

    We explored using density-functional theory (DFT) a new reaction pathway for the dissociation of O2 molecules at a neutral Au6 cluster. Our preliminary results suggested that strong catalytic properties might be possible even without interactions with a substrate.